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Turkish Foundation For Waste Reduction
Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction (TISVA), registered with the registration number #4503 in Ankara Regional Directorate of Foundations, started its activities in Ankara on March 27, 1998. As stated in the third article of the Foundation’s Official Deed under the title of “The Purpose of the Foundation”, Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction strives to ensure that all resources in Turkey are used efficiently and effectively in Turkey as well as the awareness for waste reduction and prevention is increased within the society. Turkish Foundation for Waste Reduction also engages in microcredit, microfinance, food banking and education activities in order to reduce poverty.
Turkish Grameen Microfinance Program (TGMP)
Turkish Grameen Microfinance Program (TGMP) is one of the largest microfinance organizations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and a field partner of Grameen Trust. Currently, TGMP operates in 64 provinces in 93 branches across Turkey. According to the credit disbursement statistics of TGMP the amount of distributed microcredit exceeded TRY 1 billion 245 million and it has impacted lives of more than 200,000 financially challenged women.
MicroCreditToken (MCT)
MicroCreditToken (MCT) Platform aims to incorporate the Blockchain technology within the microfinance operation which is based on pure social cause and social investors will choose to contribute for a social cause. Practices of Happytalism will be spreading all over the world while alleviating all forms of poverty by this means. MCT (MicroCreditToken) Blockchain Project is run by MCT Crypto Asset and Technology GmbH, licensed in Switzerland, where TISVA is a shareholder.
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